Unfortunately the Samsung crypto rumours have no substance

According to the Adnan Farooqi, the editor of SamMobile – the largest community for Samsung:  the shortly to be released Samsung Galaxy S10 will integrate a cryptocurrency cold wallet when released.

He states that the community tried to look into the companies plans after hearing about Samsung’s trademarks relating to blockchain and cryptocurrency software that they are concluding that Samsung is developing a wallet which “may” be launched with the upcoming model of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

If true, this would not be Samsung’s first endeavour in the world of crypto having previously expressed interest in crypto mining hardware. It is reported that Samsung has set already set up a mining equipment manufacturing business however this reporter has been able to find little basis in fact about this story.

Nobody is happy with the current market conditions but this story strikes me as incredibly similar to the KFC is accepting Dash story…. it is simply hearsay, and lies damage us all.

However, in the event this is true, then companies such as the producers of the Ledger hardware wallet need to watch out, there is a new player in town. This would also put Apple under pressure to provide similar facilities.

Do you think this widely spread story has any substance to it? Let me know in the comments.

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